‘All-IN’ together

'All-IN' together

It was great to have on Sunday our first ‘ALL – IN’ service at St.Leonard’s. Lots to build on and develop but one thing that really encouraged me was how people from across age groups have commented that they had not only enjoyed the time but had been encouraged to think more about Jesus teaching in Matthew 5. I know that wasn’t anything to do with what I said (!) but it was the opportunity we each had to engage in the text at a level that was appropriate for each of us, particularly in the Dig Deeper zones.. That is exactly the aim of this kind of service: to be somewhere where all ages can engage in worship and with God’s word where we each are.

It is not easy to gather all ages in worship together in a way that perfectly suits everyone. In fact, it is impossible. But that’s not the point. In our own families we love to celebrate together with everyone present, so in Christ’s family it’s good to learn together, worship together and celebrate our amazing God together encouraging one another to keep following Jesus. And for many of us it will not be what we get out of the service as much as what we put in to the time together. A profound truth Jesus alerts us to is that we are more blessed when we give than when we receive. Do I really believe that?

So come along on the 4th Sunday every month ready to give as well as to receive. And perhaps think about inviting a family along as well. If you’re a regular at Walkie Talkies it would be a great service to come to find out a little more about the Christian faith. You will receive a really warm welcome in an environment where we hope you will feel relaxed and at home.



  1. Thank you Duncan and Carmen for all the work you put into Sunday. I felt it worked well and I was encouraged to hear a teenager and 60+ who equally enjoyed it. For me anything that draws us all together to worship and learn is brilliant.

  2. Hi Duncan and Carmen,
    I will add my appreciation for the ‘All in’ service. It was extremely well thought out and presented and from where I was sitting the majority of people engaged with the ‘Dig Deeper’ section. The ‘jargon’ card is an excellent idea especially if we are going to attract ‘non church’ families. Do hope the preparation wasn’t too time consuming.

  3. I really like All – in it’s got something for everyoneits great to have choice with different ways offocussing ourselves on God and it’s not self conscious!

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