There has been a thriving youth work at St.Leonard’s for many years, and the church is so pleased to see young people beginning and continuing a faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that is vibrant and real. The young people are always willing to serve, passionate in worship, and eager to be a part of the transformation the gospel brings to ourselves and the world around us. There are many opportunities for engagement with each other, from the youth work on Sundays to small groups throughout the week. You can see a list of all that goes on in the youth work below, and visit the youth blog for weekly updates. If you require further information you can email our Youth Worker, Olly Shaw:, or use the contact form on the right.

The online consent forms for this years activities can be accessed here.

Youth Blog


Sunday Pathfinders

Sunday Pathfinders is our Sunday morning work with young people in school years 7-9 (aged 11-13). We follow the same passages that are being looked at in church in a way that makes church accessible and fun. 

When: Sunday 10.45 service (term time)
Where: In the church, leaving part way through to the Middleton’s house


CYFA is our Sunday morning work for young people in year 10 and above (ages 14+). We meet every 1st and 3rd Sunday and go through a programme that complements what we do in cell groups and equips the young people for when they leave St. Leonard’s and need to engage with another expression of church. 

When: 1st and 3rd Sunday 10.45 service (term time)
Where: In the church, leaving part way through to the Page’s house


Cell Groups

Cell Groups are at the heart of everything we do with our youth ministry. They are unapologetically Christian small groups, split into school years, that are open and accessible to people of any faith or none, who are interested in exploring what the Christian faith has to say about things that happen in our everyday lives. We meet once a week, eat some food, play some games and explore the Christian faith together through discussion and prayer. 

Time and location depends on the cell group – please contact Olly Shaw for details

Friday Pathfinders

Friday Pathfinders is split into 2 halves, Younger Pathfinders, for school years 7-9 (aged 11-13) and Older Pathfinders, for school year 10 and above (aged 14+). The group is open to anyone and there is no ‘God slot’ or prayer time. The purpose of Friday Pathfinders is to have a group that is safe, inclusive, fun, easily accessible for people outside the church community and that builds bridges between people who are members of the church and people who are not. We always run themed nights, such as games in the dark, murder mysteries, bake off nights and film nights. 

When: Friday 6.30 – 7.45pm (Younger), 8.00 – 9.30pm (Older)
Where: Church Hall


Youth Weekend Away

Every year we take our young people away to Viney Hill Christian Adventure Centre in Gloucestershire to spend time and have fun together as a community, take a break from the usual routine, and to focus on God. Any young person is invited to come. We explain very clearly when we invite people that this is a very ‘Christian’ weekend, complete with faith based workshops, prayer times, and a Sunday morning service. All members of the youth leadership team are invited to attend as leaders but we understand that it may not be convenient for everyone.  

Soul Survivor

Every summer we take our young people to a national youth gathering called Soul Survivor. It’s basically about 10 thousand young people, camping in a field and worshipping God. It is open to young people moving into Year 10 and above, as some of the ministry times can be very challenging and we feel they could be overwhelming for people below this age.