New Website…

New Website...

Welcome to our new website. We are hoping it will prove to be a useful resource for everyone who lands here and build on the excellent foundations of our last website. We hope it will be immediately useful but it is also a work in progress so if you have any suggestions on how to develop it do let the church office or Duncan know.

If your group is not yet mentioned do please let us have some information and photos that we could use and we will upload them. In time it is hoped that different groups and ministries will be able to maintain their own area (its not complicated).

You will notice that there are not many photos of people on the website. We hope to improve this in time as we process the GDPR information so many of you kindly submitted.

If you would like to be involved in maintaining the website do let Duncan know as there are numerous little jobs which may only take a few minutes a week but would lighten the load in the office considerably.

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