Eynsham Carnival

Eynsham Carnival

Over 4500 visitors to the Eynsham Carnival enjoyed fine weather as the procession wended its way through crowds up to five deep in places to the festival field. The enjoyment of the day spilled over to the rest of the weekend.

On Sunday morning, Rev Duncan Fraser welcomed the Carnival Queen, her attendants and Harold Jerred the carnival chairman to the Carnival Service in St Leonard’s.  Rev Fraser had ridden in the Alvis at the head of the procession as he was to open the Carnival, He showed a slide presentation of the carnival from the lead car. He mused what would happen if a funeral procession came out of St Leonard’s during the Carnival Procession. Mourning would trump the celebrations. But when Jesus met a funeral procession of a widow’s son, ( told in Luke’s Gospel chapter 7, he raised the man back to life and celebration trumped mourning.

The service took place surrounded by flowers from the Flower Festival. The theme was “Musicals” and many local organisations and businesses had displays including the Post Office and the Firefighters. There were no prizes but an outstanding exhibit was “Some Like it Hot” by Eynsham Markets.  The firefighters profiled Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. A few exhibitors chose Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat while Eynsham Churches Holiday Club went for Mama Mia.

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